Miniature Diptych: Gold and Light

The winter light here in Ontario is vibrant, but without being warm; it is a crisp light.  Everything outside is frozen and grey, so there is no green from the trees, or blue from the rivers to enliven with this light.  It is so pure others might describe it as harsh, but I love its

Miniature Diptych: Bole

Using my regular mixture of bole and rabbit hide glue, I’ve applied the clay undercoat for the gold.  Again, because of their small size I had to rethink how to prep with these diminished shapes. After the bole has dried, I do a fine sanding to make sure that everything is perfectly smooth.  But, because

Miniature Diptych: Panels

Today I finished the frame and panel construction for the diptych.  And, I’m really pleased with how things have turned out.  Both panels are tight and they fit together well. One concern I had when I decided to use ebony wood was that it would look too much like plastic for another person to appreciate,

Miniature Diptych: Making Joints

Work continues well with the miniature diptych … The joints I’m making will not be as complicated as I have done in the past, but then again the stresses on such a small frame will not be as great either.  With everything fitting well, I believe that tomorrow I’ll be ready to put the frame

Miniature Diptych: Lumber

Given the piles of lumber that I’m use to dealing with, this really makes me smile; here is a photo of the complete stack of wood I will be using to create the miniature diptych. In a more serious vein, one of the benefits I hadn’t considered before of making a smaller work is that

KW Gem and Mineral Kids Club

After working in my studio for the morning, I headed into Waterloo for the afternoon.  The KW Gem and Mineral Club has a special Kids Club which takes place the first Saturday of each month at 2 pm at the Button Factory.  They cover a range of topics, and this month they had asked if