Pigment Branch: More Rings

I continue to experiment with different forms of rings for my pigment branches. My latest idea is to put the pigment in-between two layers of glass, but how to attach the two layers is tricky.  So far the only metal malleable enough is lead, and this is heavy and will tarnish to a flat grey

Chasing the Mountains

I arrived in Abbotsford, British Columbia late last night.  This is my first trip to BC, and when I came out of my hotel the following morning the first thing I did was scan the horizon for mountains.  At first it was still too dark, then it was cloudy, then foggy … By late afternoon I was beginning to suspect that the mountains were just a myth, but then a colleague of mine decided the we should go chasing after them.  Despite the threatening clouds and hail, Joanne wasn’t going to give up … and then, for a moment, the sun appeared and the horizon took shape.

I’m sure that those living in the area won’t think much of the mountain I caught, but the chase was fun and the first glimpse of something is always special.

Pigment Branch: Ring

The structure of my pigment branches has gotten quite focused at this point: Each ring will be of a constant size and be identical in it’s joints.  Each rod will also be of a constant thread (therefore interchangeable within the whole structure). This standardization means that no one part of the branch will be given

Pigment Branch: Pigment

Placing the pigment inside the ring of my pigment branches has been more difficult that I first imagined … My first attempt was to wedge a gessoed board into the ring, then I tried a sphere: In both cases the ring being completely filled deadened the ring. This morning I hit upon the idea of