Pigment Maps: Formation

I’m only just beginning to envision what the paper pigment maps might be.  But, to give a rough idea of what I’m thinking about, here’s an example I was working on this morning. This feels good.  I feel like I’m creating something that is part of my own art praxis.  I see these maps maybe

End of the Aluminium Road?

The aluminium pigment maps have lost some of their lustre in recent weeks (but I’ve also been ill …).  I have structural, size and effectiveness concerns around them.  I’m also disappointed that they haven’t chaotically expanded as I had originally hoped.  Past that, I also feel like they are an attempt to create something which I think conceptual artists will, “like”; which isn’t sitting well.

All that said, I’ve spent a lot of time and money creating them, but I’ll need a lot more of both before I have something to take to Berlin.   I’m going to discuss with my mentor abandoning these aluminium pigment maps in favour of focusing on a paper version.

Pigment Branch: Sample

Here is a sample of a mockup Pigment Branch.  The pigment used in this mockup is the same Londonderry specularite that I used in my grinding performances last semester and also that which I used in creating my first pigment maps.  It is also set up and photographed in my back yard, but complete pigment branches will be installed at the source of their colour.

This sample is very incomplete: The Londonderry location would have four separate branches, and the specularite branch is by far the simplest.  That said, I hope that it is useful to clearly demonstrate what my project is aiming to achieve.