From Plains to Prairie

For over 20 years, Symeon worked as an iconographer and an artist to embody the iconographic vision of God’s presence in the world from his studio outside Kitchener-Waterloo on the Mixedwood Plains of Ontario. In 2022 his artistic practice moved outside the city of Red Deer, on the Prairies of Alberta. Given the influence the land plays in his art, such a move represents a radical shift in his work as an iconographer and an opportunity to once again seek the Spirit’s leading in the revelation he hopes to reveal in his artwork.

Here, on this page of the studio’s website, new stories about his adventures, experiments, and the resulting icons will appear from time to time. Over the coming years, the hope is that they will form a testament to an artist’s search for belonging in a new place through research, hard work, and exploration.

First story coming soon …