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Vincent de Paul

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Saint Vincent de Paul was a French Catholic priest who tirelessly served the poor during a time of great upheaval in France. He is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. Canonized in 1737, he
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The Title “Saint”

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Introduction Today, it is taken for granted that the title, “saint,” must prefix any saint’s name. Failure to do so seems highly disrespectful. This is our culture, and must be respected. But it must also be examined. We cannot simply
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Cyril the Wonder-worker

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Saint Cyril the Wonder-worker is the recently canonized 116th Patriarch of Alexandria. Finishing every icon is a blessing, but this one was especially so. Making an icon of a modern saint who is so loved by the Coptic community, was
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Andrew the First-Called

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Saint Andrew was one of the twelve disciples who followed Christ during his ministry. He also proclaimed the Good News of the Kingdom of God after his death as an apostle. He first encounters Christ as a follower of Saint
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Stephen the Protomartyr

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Saint Stephen is the first deacons of the church, being blessed with six others to dispense food and supplies to those in need as the Apostles had other pressing duties. He is also the first Christian martyr, a man who
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Francis of Assisi

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Some pious Orthodox folk raise an eyebrow (or worse!) at an icon of Saint Francis of Assisi. As someone who lived after the church’s division, he’s understood to be outside our tradition. So, when I was asked to create an
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